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I'm so glad you found your way here. This is where I open up a bit about what and why I do what I do. 

 About me as a human:

I am a truth-seeker who aspires to make a contribution in this world that can be a little bit bigger than me.

For me, this doesn't necessarily mean numbers and a large audience, but more so, deeply and intentionally showing up for those who I am meant to connect to. I'm drawn to the nature of liberation, empowerment, connection, freedom, equality, and bringing people together.

 There was a point where my value system began to override my fear and blocks. What changed is that I felt that I had a moral obligation to use my voice for good. There are many who don't have this privilege and I see it as still have quite a bit more societal progression and work to do to make that happen.

That's my why. I show up, even if my voice is shaking, and I'm afraid. I'll show up.


My personal values and business values deeply intertwine as I ask myself each day, How can I show up with more strength and love in each action, each step that I take, and each interaction that I have? I explore different philosophies, religions, texts, beliefs, history, and stories that have been told from generation to generation. I consider myself a student first and foremost before the teacher role ever came in. 

By profession, I am a meditation facilitator and life coach. One of my gifts is deeply understanding and identifying pain points. My philosophy is, "I will support you as you lead yourself to a deeper part of your heart." After years of saving face, being in survival mode, and refusing to put down what was heavy, I finally collapsed. I didn't want to reveal or show my struggles because I felt that made me unqualified at what I do and seen as a weakness but now I've come to find that it makes takes far more strength to be open and as a professional, all the more qualified. 

In a coaching setting, I work with leaders in many fields. I have worked with anyone from college graduates to start-up co-founders. My clients are passionate about making a difference in their day-to-day, work, and personal life. Even if we are focused on one aspect, I take it further by taking the full picture of each life aspect into account in order to assure an overall shift forwards and long-lasting change. We work on goals around career, life, impact, relationships, communication, habits, and mindset. I draw from different modalities but have developed my own style and structure. I work with clients to take their big ideas and turn them into tangible action steps. The session includes brainstorming, strategy, and collaboration that leaves the client with clear steps and a tangible action plan to walk away with.

In meditation and facilitation, I create guided navigation strategies that have the intention to deepen one's relationship to self-compassion, empathy, and the human experience in a way that feels genuine and safe to each individual. I have been absolutely humbled to facilitate many groups, professional teams, retreats, big events, families, long-time friends, and perfect strangers who are just sitting together for the first time as they find their way to the practice on their own. I take in the environment, comfort level, and from there create a space where each person is empowered to listen and share from an open heart and space, but can actively exercise their choice on how deeply they want to engage. I am trauma-informed, and come from a personal background of cptsd and anxiety. My highest priority is ensuring an entry to the practice that feels empowering, choice-driven, and safe. 


I found my way into to the practice back in 2011 as a means to support my anxiety and from there, the nature of my connection to self has passionately expanded. I go back constantly from the student and teacher. It comes from a curiosity and hunger to truth-seek and a deep-rooted passion to share and uplift others in this often confusing and painful journey we call the human experience. I strongly believe that the practice is a practice and there are no two that are the same. 


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