• I'm picking causes that are close to my home, homes of those who are in the group, and our community at large. My goal is to create the support and environment where everyone feels welcome, supported, and like family. I have been receiving cause suggestions, and that is always always welcome.

  • Your presence is so important to me. I see it as who is meant to be at each practice makes their way there. I've been doing this for years, there is no mistakes. I want to make sure that you don't feel obligated to donate monetarily each time. I see it as you can exchange the energy by paying it forward, by using your voice, or by making mindful shifts to incorporate and support for the cause in your life. We are coming together as a community to show uplift, support, and show up for each other. If this is a barrier to entry or stopping you in any way, I will say now, please don't let it be.

  • I have trauma informed training and am always seeking out educators and ways to inform myself on supporting even more. If it makes you feel safer to know what to expect for the class each time, I am happy to do that. I do change the themes and practice often so it is important to me that you are able to drop-in. Reach out to me, I've got you.

  • You can always join with the camera and mic off! Community participation is there as an invitation, but if you are new and just want to check it out, I won't even mention it. You will be welcomed. You can come and go as you need if time is an issue.


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