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Healing, Learning, and Justice in June

I'm going to be editing and adding to this space. For now, I would love to create conversation and space where there can be accountability to stay on schedule with the work and literature.

It would be powerful to have a different facilitator each time responsible for holding the space, asking the questions to leading the group into a deeper space, and work. Please email me at if facilitating or attending would be of interest to you. There is no profit - just a space for learning and growth to be held for anyone who is genuinely interested in the longer-term shifts that start internally.

For my self-paced friends, If you have 10 min., 30 min., or 45 min. a day here is some work you can begin to do. It's organized in a schedule that is broken down with action, orientation, and I will be following this guide myself and it will be one of the few aids for group exploration.

This resource was compiled by Autumn Gupta with Bryanna Wallace’s oversight for the purpose of providing a starting place for individuals trying to become better allies.

Another resource is a trauma-informed two-hour masterclass led by Nicole Thompson, a school psychologist at

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