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How to Get Started Blogging

Updated: Jul 19, 2018


I am happy you have found my website in the land of search engine optimization and craziness. I am happy to have you. This is my first official post on

I have known for a while that it was time to translate my coaching practices, personal stories, random thoughts, and teachings into a blog form.

I write leisurely for fun, I enjoy doing it, so how haven't I already?

It's just the fact that every time I start, I usually stop myself, as the perfectionist thoughts come flowing in. But what is getting me started this time is knowing that by being vulnerable and sharing my stories and inner most thoughts has the potential to encourage more of that here, and for other people to do the same in their lives. I want this to be a space that feels like a comfort zone, a place to grow, and a place to connect further into yourself, and with others. I know that's quite a bit to live up to, but I'm ready if you are!

I'm sure you also have an amazing message to share, so what is stopping you from getting started?

Here are some things to tell yourself, the next time you think about pressing that exit screen, or hesitating on your post

- You are Valuable- This is something you need to know, and feel entirely. If you are putting your energy into creating a thoughtful, purposeful blog, there is going to be someone out there who will benefit from it. I can guarantee you of that.

- It does not have to be perfect- Get it out there, change it later. It is going to feel so daunting if you are anything like me, and are conditioned to re-reading, telling yourself that you just aren't at your peak of creativity, and that you will come back to the task later. You won't. If you were going to, you wouldn't still be here with the blog you have been meaning to start. Give yourself a due date of tonight and jam it out, as if it was any proposal or assignment due in the morning.

- Be old fashioned- Write it out on paper first without worrying that anyone else will see it.This step alone will help with creating unfiltered, and organic content. Carry a journal around you, and if you have any thoughts throughout the day, or even if you are figuring out how you want to craft your post, it will be a benefit to you.

-Let it out - Don't be afraid to overshare your ideas. Whatever you share and put out there will come back to you ten times. Sharing is important in order to put ideas out there, and allow new ideas and insights to come back your way.

- Compare and Contrast Doesn't apply- Don't let yourself get caught up in wondering what other bloggers, writers, and people are doing better. And I'm not saying don't read them. It's so important to read other blogs, comment, and encourage other writers to continue your own growth and theirs. But don't allow yourself to get caught in the comparison cycle, please. Comparing is a form of competing and it may feel good or even necessary to compete. but honestly, all it does is takes away from setting yourself apart naturally.

I hope some of this helps you with getting your voice out and encourages you to take action on those continuously drafted, backspaced and deleted posts.

Good Luck!

- Natasha

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