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Lessons Come When We Are Ready

Do you know the feeling when a situation of the past becomes so clear to us later on, and we HAVE to wonder:

How could I not see this particular situation the way that I see it now?

I have been having an overwhelming flood of lessons coming me recently, and It has been blowing my mind.

Everything has been so much clearer and peaceful within myself. I also began to wonder, why didn’t they come sooner?

To answer my own question; Because I wasn’t ready for them.

I had a really rough few years where I honestly couldn't catch a break, before I felt like the next thing was coming. I always felt like I had too much being put on me. Recovery time was a no- go before I was on to trying to figure out the next challenge. It was always just enough to push me to a place where I felt defeated, confused, and out of control.

Emotionally, I reacted. I broke down, and let’s just say the phrase when it rains, it pours could be applied to the tears that came streaming down my face when I felt pain, fear, or anything that made me slightly uncomfortable.

So yes, although I could have really used these lessons, How would I have been able to even recognize them coming in if I already felt overwhelmed by the weight I had? If I was able to get out of my own way and my own head sooner, I could have been even more more loving to myself and to others around me, despite the chaos. With an overwhelm of emotions or the wrong mindset, you could potentially block out something that is meant to push you forward. So how do we become ready, even when were not? We can start by not blocking the lesson. What is one way that you could be blocking a lesson?

You simply aren’t open to it - If any form of criticism is taken hard on your end, this is another sign that you are really rejecting something that you don’t want to face, and that’s the cold truth.

If you can learn to look at it in an objective manner; look past the delivery of it, and take some time to reflect on it to see if you agree or not, that will help you in seeing where you can improve and learn. Reflection is key to understanding your own reactions.

You are refusing to change your mindset- This one is interesting. Because if you are so set in your ways and inflexible to change, you won’t see this one without a hard look at yourself. Reflection is key here too.

Your Mindset is run by emotions-

Alternatively, this could also be applied If you live in a mindset that is controlled by emotions. It can be hard to see past them, because they are so real and strong.

Your intentions could be really good, and when things are going good, you can be the most positive, uplifting person. But what about when something hits you?

If you notice that when things are hard, your entire demeanor unknowingly changes to match what you are feeling, you won’t stay open to the understanding part. Which is like buying and ice cream and watching it melt. I think. Just sounded like something no one would ever want to do.

This one requires intensive combatting of the emotions with positive thoughts and awareness. It’s going to be exhausting at first, but the commitment to it will make you so happy in the long run. How do we know when we are ready to learn the lessons?

When you are ready for the lessons, you will know. You will seek out the right people and situations to move you forward.

You will feel comfortable and confident knowing that we aren’t meant to be perfect, and be ok with that.

You will allow yourself to be painfully honest on nothing other than yourself, and grow from the realizations.

You will hold compassion and love through for yourself and others regardless of the pain.

You will create the kind of closure you need, take the time that you need, and tell yourself that you are ok.

I am here always! You’ve got this, friends!

Until next time, -Natasha

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