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Your September Action Plan

Please set aside 2 hours to plan out your next month and plan of action.

I know that might feel like a lot, but I promise it will save time and keep you on track throughout the month and down the line.

Prompt #1

We want to bring kindness to ourselves so that we can translate that out into those very actions that we are planning to take. This very thing will directly correlate with our capacity of what we are able to give. And I really want you to be honest with yourself right now of where you might need to fill your cup a bit more in regards to emotions and dispositions.


  • Do I need more strength?

  • Where can I empower myself more?

  • Do I need more discipline?

  • Do I need to honor my time better with different habits?

Prompt #2

Action Steps: We will start with the big picture first. Allow yourself to brainstorm all of the action steps that you hope to bring with you into this month.


  • practice my Spanish.

  • handle on my finances.

  • take car to mechanic.

From there, allow yourself to categorize each thing in three lists: Daily, Weekly, To-Do.

  • The To-Do you can implement the time and specifics if you know them, and the rest you can keep and build on for reference throughout the month.

  • The Daily you can do as a framework for your habits and day structure. (You can also create a separate to-do list on the side to support you).

  • The Weekly will be there to help you check in and assess each Sunday or at a specific given time that works for you to reflect on the week prior. Prepare and adjust accordingly for the week coming up.

I will trust you with the organization of this process but if this does feel overwhelming in any way, please let me know. I have some tricks up my sleeve because organization used to kill me. No shame in the disorganization game.


What are some dreams, goals, visions, activities that you want to bring into this month?

Break it down into categories: These will just finalize and support you in showing up this month. Once you have done this, Go back to the previous steps and add them to your to-do list and begin implementing them into your days and weeks.


Friends: I want to have friends over for dinner.

Family: I want to write each family member a card.

Career: I want to go to a networking event and a panel discussion.

Love: I want to do at least two acts of kindness this week.

Travel: I want to do a day trip in nature.

Skills: I want to take a dance class

Activities: I want to take the family to the farmers market and use no plastic

To my clients- I am so excited to see what this month has in store for you. It’s a beautiful journey to witness and be a part of. This is only the starting building block that this month has in store.

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Sending all the best this month - Natasha

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