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Unlearning Exercise

Things You’ll need: Journal and Pen, a quiet place outside.

Time: 1-2 hours. Take Breaks as needed in between Unpack and Unlearn.

Repeat: As needed. When you want to explore a concept.


What a time to be alive.

We can find answers almost instantly when we go looking for them. We have an instant connection to others and really any resource that pertains to information that we are looking for.

It’s a powerful time in our history filled with beauty.

The idea behind the unlearning exercise is to unpack some of the things that we are taking in. Our minds can be overstimulated and not have enough time to process everything that is being learned.

This can play out in a few ways:

  • Having an outdated version of thinking - Growing and not giving ourselves a real chance to catch up, reflect, and ensure that our current actions and thoughts are working for us.

  • Thoughts feeling overwhelming and underdeveloped.

  • Like we’re doing too much and too little at the same time- Hello contradictions.

When we are changing so rapidly- this is naturally going to happen. It’s just about working with ourselves and developing our method to be more effective. The last thing we want to be working against is our visions and dreams.

This activity is broken down into Unpack and Unlearn with an action step in between. Please try to find some quiet time outside with your phone out of sight.



Reflection and Action time in the current moment:

We’re going to start by looking at the smaller picture and current moment. We want to break the concepts down into smaller ideas and action steps that feel natural and light.


  • Where is there currently a physical block? ex:(clutter,environment)

  • Where is there currently an emotional block? ex:(overwhelmed, tired)

  • What is my gut telling me is the reasoning for these emotions? ex:(lack of boundaries, overestimating time)

  • What can I do right now for 20 minutes to improve both of these things?

Pause--- After writing these out, Create an Actionable step. Make it happen--

Unlearn- Finding a better way to be


  • What were the things that felt physically and emotionally heavy?

  • What was your process this specific time you chose to assist you with unpacking? What activity did you choose?

  • What worked for you? What didn’t?

  • Did you get distracted or have a hard time with a particular step?

  • What is the thing that you want to unlearn? Ex: I want to unlearn the guilt that I’ve created surrounding making time for myself

  • What new idea am I going to replace it with? Ex: I am going to create that time and when I feel guilty, I am going to replace it with awareness and move through it anyways.

Further Support:

Please feel free to leave questions, experiences, and stories in the comments and In the Mind-Body Connection Community: HERE

For any additional support, you can reach out to me here

Further Resources Coming:

- Guided Meditations to help you through the activities and for more specific unlearning activities.

- Videos.


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